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COVID 19 Response

With reopening we have taken several steps to help let you play with confidence. The changes included providing masks/gloves/hand sanitizer to all players, reducing group sizes (6) and performing deep cleans after each play. Along with these changes some props have been removed from rooms to reduce unnecessary surfaces. It has also always been dreamESCAPE's policy to never mix groups with others to fill up room space.


Welcome to dreamESCAPE, Leduc's own locally owned and operated escape room and board game shop. Get ready for a immersive and fast-paced hour! dreamESCAPE has cultivated unique escape room experiences that will challenge your mind and keep your heart pounding until the very end. Artifacts, clues, cryptic symbols, and unexpected interactive materials used in each room guide players through exciting adventures. Only the wiliest, most coordinated teams will escape to the other side.

Does your team have what it takes?





Can you solve the case of the Empress Hotel Murder, free it of the spirits and save it from being demolished? 



Difficulty: Intermediate






Your team has inside details on a heist that will surely get you rich. Get in and get out before the alarm sounds. Can you pull off the heist?

Difficulty:  Expert




You awake in a strange place. You have been kidnapped! Faced with certain doom, the hero you need may be yourself. Can you face your villain and make the escape?


Difficulty: Intermediate 


Restraints and Blindfolds have been removed from the room due to Covid-19 precautions.

*DISCLAIMER* This room does start participants in mock restraints (velcro/plastic) and 1-2  participants in black out goggles. Can make special arrangements if this is unwanted by players. *Can be omitted with little effect on the room experience*


You and your team are crew members on a research submarine that has crashed into an under water structure. Not only do you need to save yourself but there is another crew in need of your speedy assistance!

Difficulty: Advanced 



Team Building

The main goals of team-building are to improve productivity and motivation. Taking employees out of the office helps groups break down barriers, eliminate distractions, and have fun. The benefits of team-building programs are so significant that many corporations have incorporated team-building strategies into their standard training curriculum. dreamESCAPE Gaming is the optimal choice for your team-building activity or Christmas Party. 

Multi-Purpose Room Now Available!

Board Games & Gaming Events

In addition to our Escape Rooms, we also offer board games and host regular gaming events.



What is an escape room game?

Escape rooms are a live-action entertainment concept that anyone can try. Participants are placed inside a themed adventure room and must seek out clues, decipher mysteries, and solve puzzles to find their way out before the time runs out.

How do I book a room?

Book online by hitting the book now button or by calling


$25/person +gst

Who are escape rooms for?

Everyone! Friends, families, colleagues. Anyone who loves the excitement of solving puzzles and being challenged. 

Do you want to beat the clock?

Any participants under 18 years old will require an adult to sign their waiver. Age 15 and under require an adult in the room. Under 6 is free.

Are walk-ins allowed?

Walk-in customers are allowed, however we do encourage advanced booking as we cannot guarantee we will have a room available without a reservation.

What if we get stuck?

Don't worry if you and your team get hung up in the room, there is a hint system to keep the game moving.

Do we pay in advance or online?

No. All payments are accepted at the front desk when your group arrives to play the room.

How many people do we need?

For booking our rooms, a minimum of two people are required with a recommended max of 10 for Casino Heist, 10 people for Cold Case and 6 for Escape the Puzzler.

All of our rooms are private bookings.

When should we arrive?

We ask groups to arrive ten minutes before room start, as this gives us time to go through waivers and room instructions.

Is there a minimum age?

Any participants under 18 years old will require an adult to sign their waiver. Age 15 and under require an adult in the room. Under 6 is free.

Rooms are designed to be challenging and target an older group.

Do you offer large group discounts?

Yes. Groups ten or more please call or email us with details of your group size, date, and event. We will work together to make your experience great.

Do I need special skills/knowledge?

The game is designed so that any team with a bit of creativity; willingness to work together and logic can escape. No special skills or knowledge.

Are photos/videos allowed in the room?

No, we want to keep the experience a surprise for everyone. We ask for players to not take any photos inside the rooms.



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